Change = Growth and Transformation
We learn from adversity

Your imagination gives you wings


Imagination is lighter than a feather and faster than light because anyone can be anywhere at any time. Imagination is more beneficial to people who know that what they don’t know is more than they do know, which sadly, most adults don’t know.

If you look around you everything you see started in someone’s imagination: the inventions, the works of art, the buildings.

Tomorrow the human race will be different than it is today. We are changing and it is our minds that are changing our bodies and our world.

The active imagination is a way of getting high without drugs. Thinking in new ways releases chemicals that reprogram the brain. Thinking new thoughts, therefore, create new a new brain that can’t tell the difference between reality and imagination.

Our mind is divided into two parts, the conscious mind, and the unconscious mind. There is an awful lot of information stored in the unconscious mind; all those stories and experiences from the past, things we thought we’d forgotten all still stored safely away. There is so much in there that we actually remember very little of it when we are conscious. Things move so slowly in the conscious mind that from the viewpoint of the unconscious mind it can seem that the dreamer has fallen asleep when he leaves the unconscious to “wake-up”. The two minds seem to always be at odds but they are like an old married couple that lives on just to be together. The ideal is for them to have a real marriage, for the conscious mind needs the intuitions and feelings of the unconscious mind for it to function properly.

We can explore the unconscious using ‘active imagination’. This means having a dream while we are awake so that what is happening can be followed. You can guide it yourself and explore what the conscious mind regards as a strange country. It is one of the best ways to bring the two minds together.

There is a difference between active imagination and fantasy. A fantasy is more or less your own invention and remains on the surface of personal things and conscious expectations. In active imagination, the images have a life of their own and the symbolic events develop according to their own logic (if your conscious reason doesn’t interfere).

The more difficult the task is for one to do the more valuable the time spent permitting the unconscious mind to come into consciousness.

Concentrate on a mental picture. Let it begin to stir and become enriched by details until it moves and develops. If we concentrate on this inner picture and are careful not to interrupt the natural flow of events, our unconscious will produce a series of images that make a complete story.

Travel to another dimension of time and space by giving your own imagination free reign. You might be surprised how it takes on a life of its own – just as the unconscious has a life of its own, independent of the conscious mind.

As Steven R Covey once said, "Live out of your imagination, not your history."

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