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How to journal to your soul


If you are a seeker wanting to understand yourself better, improve your life, deepen your spiritual side, and listen to your soul to uncover your inner self, you can learn a lot from taking up your pen and journaling.

With your words, you can give life to what you see, what you hear, what you touch. You can transform what is on the outside to something inside.

As your daily life pulls you in a multitude of directions, journal writing centres you. It makes you slow down. It makes you look anew at the world around you. Art JournalImagine you are by a river and you spot an unusual rock at the water’s edge. From afar it looks just like all the other rocks on the river bed. But, if you pick it up, and hold it in your hand, feel its roughness, consider its age (1 million or billion years old?), how amazing that you can hold something so incredible in your hand. And in studying it… it becomes closer to you. You wonder about its age, what it has been through to get here. You sense its mystery.

When you write about it you can consider your own journey, the rough parts, and the good times, your own mystery. You bring the two worlds together, the visible (the rock), and the invisible (your inner world).

If you were to just stand by the riverside, in the sunshine, maybe pick the rock up and drop it back into the river, if you didn’t pay closer attention – to the rock and the sparkling water – you would allow them to retreat into forgetfulness. Anyone can see such details then forget them straight away. To journal is to look for meaning in your experiences and let them lead you to your soul.

So what is the best way to journal? There is only one way and that is your way. Maybe you’ll treat yourself to a quality book that feels good to touch, or maybe you’ll type on your phone. Only you know the best way to start. I like to use a softback red Moleskine book with plain pages, and a fountain or calligraphy pen. I also keep a smaller book in my bag when I go out walking. I write about what I see, what I feel, how the early morning sun sparkles on the river, a conversation, a dream, my hopes, and plans.

Each reflection deepens as I write it down. Each journal entry is a step closer to my soul, toward self-discovery. Sometimes I paint pictures and write, sometimes I just write. You don’t need to be an artist to draw simple sketches, Sometimes I might attach a flower or a leaf too.

When you write in a journal think of it as being like going for a walk without any purpose or direction. You might walk a while, then you stop, find a fragment, something that caught your awareness. Eventually, you will have many fragments, of your soul, of your awareness, of your place in this world. Writing in a journal gives you insights into who you are, who you were, and who you can become.

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