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The High-Potential Human

Seeing without words


Feel the world around you, sense it, with your whole body, without words. No talking. No thinking. Just see. Just feel and connect. What happens at Websuch times goes beyond words. When these good moments come to you they will fill you with a swelling tide of higher life as if it were a vessel. The object of your focus could be as simple as this spider's web covered in water droplets catching the rays of the early morning sun, a watering can, an animal basking in the sun, or an old building. Such simple things past which the eye ordinarily glides with natural indifference can at any moment suddenly take on a sublime and moving aura which words seem too weak to describe.

Mindfulness does not react to what it sees. It simply sees, and understands without words.

The Flower Sermon was held near a pond during Buddha’s later years. When he held up the freshly-picked lotus flower  the assembled crowd was silent, not understanding its significance. But after a moment or two, Buddha’s disciple Mahakasyapa smiled. He was the only attendee to receive the Buddha’s message that day.

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