The snake that cannot shed its skin perishes
Our golden Buddha within

The present moment

Mindfulness is about grounding our attention in the present moment. It intensifies the experience of self-awareness.

If we don't concentrate on the 'now' we tend to become carried away by our thoughts about the past or future and lose touch with the present
moment. IMG_2759
Seneca observed that most human suffering relates to rumination about the past or worry about the future and that nobody confines his concern to the present moment. 
Seneca pointed out that "Wild beasts run away from dangers when they see them. Once they have escaped, they are free of anxiety. But we are tormented by both the future and the past." (Letters, 5).
We should live each moment as though we are seeing the world for the first or last time, whilst being aware that each instant intimately connects us to the totality of time and space.
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