The snake that cannot shed its skin perishes

Be the hero of your life

Holy Grail

The forest represents the darkness, the unknown, the edge of your world. It takes a hero to go into the forest. The people in your community don’t know why you want to go; in fact, they try to pull you back, and ask you: “Why can’t you be happy with what you have here? But there’s this urge that exists within the brave-hearted to go and explore.

The noble thing to do in the collective is for each member to go into the forest at their own point. It’s dark and there is no path. If you go into the forest and there’s already a trail, it’s the one sure sign that you’re not on your path. That’s not going into the forest. That’s not initiation. You need to find your own path and that comes from the impulse within to go out and really discover who you are - beyond the narrow confines of how you’ve been conditioned and what you’ve been told to do. Go out and explore for yourself what your truth is, and how to master it, then share it with the world.

The Knights of the Round Table saw a vision of the Holy Grail and decide to go forward on a quest. They knew that the noblest thing to do as individuals seeking their own in the collective was to each go into the forest at their own point. Each knight entered the forest where it was darkest and there was no path. They could not follow other people. They had to go in by their own dark entry to the forest.

The Holy Grail is a metaphor for self-actualisation. You have to find the way to becoming the best, most powerful, version of yourself. You can’t do it as a group. The work is done by you and you alone, by going inside, going deep into your psyche. You have to enter the forest at its darkest point, meaning you have to look at the parts of yourself that might reveal things about you that you won’t like.

If you are having problems with the sermon you are being taught or are living by you can either surrender to victimhood or you can give your responsibility to someone else and say: “tell me what to do and I’ll do it,” or you can say: “I have a choice here and I’m responsible. “ What will you do?

What does it mean to be the hero of your own life?  It means being responsible for your own adventure.

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